Picture of a baby boy by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

First Year Package: Seven Months

24th March 2015 Child photography , ,

At the moment I seem to be doing a lot of follow-up sessions with families that I have already photographed, which I really love. Sometimes it is because they have a new sibling joining the family. Other times the parents have booked a first year package (three photo sessions in a year), as these parents had. Since I saw them when their son was newborn they have moved to Hampshire, which is further than I usually travel for a photo session but made a nice day out. It was a gloriously sunny spring day, perfect for a drive in the countryside, and their new home was very light and airy and great for photos.

The best thing about these sessions is always seeing how the children are growing. Despite being tired and quite ready for a nap their son showed his character and posed wonderfully. A friend of mine once said that this is a golden age of childhood – when children can sit up by themselves and smile but can’t escape! That certainly makes it a great age for a photo session.

Picture of a baby boy by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

Family photography workshop at Lattjo Pop in Streatham, photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo.

Family Photography workshop

17th March 2015 Child photography, Teaching , , ,

The weekend before last I taught a photography workshop at LattjoPop in Streatham, organised by House of Bricolage. I’ve been teaching photography to adults for over ten years but have only recently started offering workshops for parents and children to attend together. This workshop was aimed at giving parents knowledge and a few useful tricks to help them take better pictures of their children. The children mainly posed for the photos but the older boy really got involved. He took lots of pictures himself as well as creating a fabulous dinosaur diorama which was a popular photographic subject for all the participants.

The workshop whizzed through the basics of exposure (ISO, shutter speed and aperture), camera settings, different types of light and lighting, composition and editing.

All of the participants seemed to take away some knowledge or ideas to improve their photography and it’s been really exciting to see the pictures they have taken during, and since,  the workshop.

If you are interested in future workshops please get in touch.


Black and white photograph of a baby girl by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo.

Rekindling my love of black and white photography

11th March 2015 Child photography , , ,

A couple of weeks ago I returned to a family who I first photographed when their daughter was a newborn, after her inspirational breech home birth. It is always lovely to revisit families and see how the children are growing, so I was delighted to be asked back to photograph her as a six month old.

This family is always especially enjoyable to work with because the mother shares creative ideas with me about the session in advance, including that she wants all the images to be black and white. As I became involved in photography before digital cameras my first love was monochrome film, but nowadays I don’t get much opportunity to work without colour. Knowing that is how these pictures will be presented allows me to flex my pre-visualisation muscles and try to imagine the tonal range of the final images.

The beautiful early spring light and the room that we used helped create an almost tactile range of textures and tones: crisp white sheets, creamy baby skin, cascading dark wavy hair and intricately patterned knitted jumper. I remembered what I first loved about image making and felt that I was seeing light and tone as a true photographer again.

Warm Glow Photo Newborn A-1

Newborn photos of my almost niece

24th February 2015 Child photography , ,

I’m currently talking to a journalist for an article about the positives and negatives of photographing the weddings of friends and family. It is something I have done several times and, whilst I have always enjoyed it, sometimes balancing your roles as guest and photographer can be tricky.

Fortunately the same cannot be said of photographing the children of people you know. Doing this, particularly of newborns, is purely a treat and privilege. It’s always exciting to meet a new baby but when they are the child of a long term friend, when I look into their face and see traces of people I have known and loved for years, I think this is the most amazing job I could imagine. (more…)

pregnant belly by warm glow photo

6 frequently asked questions about maternity photography

27th January 2015 Maternity photography ,

I’ve recently been getting more enquires about maternity photography, so thought I’d answer some of the most common questions here:

When is the best time to have a maternity photo session?

I recommend around 7-8 months. At that stage the mother to be has a nice large bump but is hopefully not too uncomfortable or puffy-looking.

Why would someone want a maternity photo session?

Pregnancy is an incredibly special and brief time in a woman’s life that it is lovely to record. Many women miss their bumps after they give birth and having beautiful photographs of that time when your baby was just yours and with you all the time can help you recall it fondly. It’s amazing to chart how your body has changed from its normal shape and to remember that the child that you are now holding in your arms or chasing around was once inside you. It’s amazing for the child too – my son loves to look at pictures of me when I was pregnant and hear me tell him about when he lived in my tummy. (more…)


7 tips for taking top photos of your family in the festive season

23rd December 2014 Child photography, Photography tips ,

The pictures included are natural moments rather than from posed photo sessions, to illustrate my points.
1. Don’t try and do too many things at once
If you can concentrate on just taking photos for a little while rather than trying to do it while cooking the dinner, talking to the relatives etc. you are likely to get better pictures. Designate yourself as the photographer, even for 15 minutes, and totally focus on it. In just that period of time the images will stop being snapshots and become more considered. (more…)

Studio photography of a young girl by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

How to keep a toddler happy and occupied during a portrait session

2nd December 2014 Child photography ,

Last weekend I had a portrait session with a two year old girl in my studio. I really love the excitement of photographing toddlers, but it can be challenging! (more…)

With my Brand Amplifier Award

The story behind my Brand Amplifier silver award

25th November 2014 Child photography , ,

As anyone who has spoken to me or seen my social media will know, I was recently honoured to tie for the silver Brand Amplifier award. Everyone has been congratulatory and then asked “what’s that then?” So this is an attempt to explain what I’ve been up to for the last couple of months, what Brand Amplifier is and why I’m so excited to have been part of it.

When I heard about Brand Amplifier I was intrigued. It promised free training in branding for female entrepreneurs, which sounded great to me as I try to establish myself in a pretty crowded marketplace. I was successful in the online application and didn’t really know what to expect next. (more…)

Print store badge

New Ambigraph print shop

10th November 2014 Print , , ,

Last week my other business, Ambigraph, launched an online shop selling prints and cards. It’s a new side to the business, an opportunity for myself and my husband to disseminate some of our personal work inspired by nature. We have also been lucky enough to have the opportunity to sell the work through a new collective box shop called Rock Paper Scissors in West Norwood, alongside twenty-five other local makers. The opening day for this was last Sunday’s West Norwood Feast and it was great to see so many people we know and what everyone else had on offer. Living here at the moment really feels like being part of a truly exciting community. Many thanks to L’Arche, Makerhood and Open Works for having us as part of the shop.


Family photo session at The Rookery, Streatham Common by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

Photo session weather – sunny or overcast best?

28th October 2014 Child photography , , , ,

What a beautiful couple of days we are having! It’s hard to believe it is late October. Weather like this makes me feel that I should be out taking photos or swimming at the Lido. Unfortunately today I have admin work to do so I’m not doing either, but I can see the golden light bathing the trees from the window of my studio.

Sunny autumn days produce some of my favourite light, as seen in this old blog post. However, with photography, sunny is not always best. Middle of the day sun in summer can be way too harsh, washing out the pictures and leaving everyone squinting – a nightmare of wedding photography. A bright but overcast day might not give that beautiful blue sky in the pictures but can provide much more flattering light for the people being photographed acting as a huge softbox – like taking the biggest and best studio lights on location with you. (more…)