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Newborn photos of my almost niece

24th February 2015 Child photography , ,

Warm Glow Photo Newborn A-1

I’m currently talking to a journalist for an article about the positives and negatives of photographing the weddings of friends and family. It is something I have done several times and, whilst I have always enjoyed it, sometimes balancing your roles as guest and photographer can be tricky. Fortunately the same cannot be said of… Read more »

7 tips for taking top photos of your family in the festive season

23rd December 2014 Child photography, Photography tips ,


The pictures included are natural moments rather than from posed photo sessions, to illustrate my points. 1. Don’t try and do too many things at once If you can concentrate on just taking photos for a little while rather than trying to do it while cooking the dinner, talking to the relatives etc. you are… Read more »

How to keep a toddler happy and occupied during a portrait session

2nd December 2014 Child photography ,

Studio photography of a young girl by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

Last weekend I had a portrait session with a two year old girl in my studio. I really love the excitement of photographing toddlers, but it can be challenging!

The story behind my Brand Amplifier silver award

25th November 2014 Child photography , ,

With my Brand Amplifier Award

As anyone who has spoken to me or seen my social media will know, I was recently honoured to tie for the silver Brand Amplifier award. Everyone has been congratulatory and then asked “what’s that then?” So this is an attempt to explain what I’ve been up to for the last couple of months, what… Read more »

Photo session weather – sunny or overcast best?

28th October 2014 Child photography , , , ,

Family photo session at The Rookery, Streatham Common by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

What a beautiful couple of days we are having! It’s hard to believe it is late October. Weather like this makes me feel that I should be out taking photos or swimming at the Lido. Unfortunately today I have admin work to do so I’m not doing either, but I can see the golden light… Read more »

First Birthday Photo Shoot

21st October 2014 Child photography , ,

First birthday photo shoot by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

J was just about to turn one when his parents asked me to come and take some portraits of him. Luckily it was a beautiful late summer day and he really enjoyed crawling about the garden and showing off his new standing skills. Despite the best efforts of their cat to steal the limelight we… Read more »

Newborn photo session of a home-birthed breech baby

14th October 2014 Child photography , , ,

Black and white photograph of a newborn baby girl by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

Every child’s birth story is special and unique, but the story behind this session was especially interesting for me. The mother booked me months ago early on in her pregnancy for a newborn shoot, with the baby due just when I was returning for my summer holidays. I arrived back ready for the shoot but… Read more »

First Year Package : Newborn

24th September 2014 Child photography , ,

Photograph of a newborn baby boy by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

These photos are from a newborn shoot for a lovely family who have booked me for a first year package (three photo shoots in the first year: usually as a newborn; at six months and at one year). I love this kind of booking as I really enjoy seeing children grow and change. This session… Read more »

Adding a new sibling

16th September 2014 Child photography , ,

Newborn baby girl photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

Hello, I’m back! I’ve had a busy but wonderful summer with lots of holidays and family time. Now thoroughly back into work to find that I am a finalist for the Brand Amplifier awards – very exciting. Since getting back from holiday I have been so busy shooting that I have got a bit behind… Read more »

Black and white studio photo session of a seven month old baby girl

2nd June 2014 Child photography , , , ,

Black and white studio portrait of a baby girl by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

This was a really enjoyable and successful session, largely due to good planning by the parents.  The mother said very early on that she wanted the photos to be black and white and it made a great change for me to be able to think about and compose them all with that in mind. The… Read more »

Family portrait session at The Rookery, Streatham Common

27th May 2014 Child photography , , , , , ,

Young girl eating an ice cream in The Rookery, Streatham Common photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

Last month I came straight back from a lovely holiday to this fun, sunny family photo session on Streatham Common. It’s always great to work with families I already know and have photographed before, as everyone is already relaxed with each other and we can just enjoy ourselves. The session also led me to reflect… Read more »

Don’t smile please – A manifesto for responsive photography

25th March 2014 Child photography , , , ,

  As a parent I follow the principles of attachment parenting, particularly aiming to always “respond with sensitivity”.  I was also very influenced by a ToddlerCalm workshop I attended, which spoke about the toddler’s “job description” and the qualities they need to fulfill it, such as perseverance, inquisitiveness, and creativity. Watching my son use these… Read more »