I want to have the photographs taken at my house but am not sure if there is enough light?

I have a fully portable studio lighting kit and if necessary can create the same lighting in your house as I would in my studio. However, where possible I prefer working with ambient light and have chosen a camera and lenses that allow me to photograph in this natural way in surprisingly low lighting conditions. When I come to your house I will bring all my kit with me and then decide how best to proceed.


What if I need to feed or change my child during the session? Will we go over the time limit?

One and a half hours is not a strict time limit, it is an indication of how long the session will usually take. I don’t set a timer and the comfort of the child is the most important thing; a hungry child with a wet nappy is not going to lead to good photos. During newborn sessions a child can be fed and have their nappy changed two or three times; this is completely normal and absolutely fine. I always take many more images than I need in a session and balance the desire to take lots of pictures with the child’s comfort and attention span.


We would like to have our pictures as digital files so we can share them with our family and print them ourselves. Do you offer digital files?

Yes, I am very happy to offer either individual digital files or bundles of them.


We are only able to come for a shoot at the weekend. Do you work on Sundays?

I offer sessions on Saturdays and Sundays but they do tend to get booked up further in advance, so if you want a weekend date it is best to book and pay your deposit early.