Baby boy in a Christmas jumper from studio shoot by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

Merry Christmas from Warm Glow Photo

22nd December 2015 Child photography , , , ,

As I wind down for Christmas I just wanted to share some images from a lovely pre-Christmas shoot I did recently. This little boy was an absolute joy to photograph – expressive, happy and chilled out. He also rocks a Christmas jumper better than anyone else I’ve met.

I’ve had a wonderful year meeting and photographing so many fantastic little characters. Really looking forward to continuing in 2016, after a well needed rest and some family time.

Photography lesson with Warm Glow Photo

Christmas gift idea – 1:1 photography lessons

15th December 2015 Teaching , , , ,

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone you know who loves photography, or would like to understand more about how to use their camera – may I suggest my 1:1 photography lessons? I send a beautifully designed voucher for you to give to them on Christmas day and they contact me at their convenience to arrange a session.


Family with newborn baby on Clapham Common in November. Photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

A newborn photo session on Clapham Common

10th December 2015 Child photography , , , ,

When I am asked to do a newborn session the new parents usually want to do it in the comfort of their own home, or sometimes they come to my studio. This was the first newborn session I have been asked to do in an outside location.

Location family photography is fantastic because, as well as showing the family, you can show surroundings that are important to them. Perhaps somewhere they go often and spend time together. It also means photographing in ambient light, which I prefer. On this fabulous November day we were very lucky with the weather. The sun came out later but the bright, overcast sky acted as a giant softbox, the ideal light for flattering photos. The bare trees and leaves on the floor placed this momentous event (a new life) in the context of the seasons. Every year when the leaves are on the ground this family will be celebrating their child’s birthday.

We didn’t want the little one to get too cold so didn’t stay out too long but went back to their beautiful flat and made use of the light pouring in through the patio doors and the best bean bag ever. I’m definitely getting one of these for my studio.

Newborn baby boy with twin siblings lit by window light. Photographed at home by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

Welcoming a newborn into a family with twins

4th December 2015 Child photography , , , ,

I’ve written before about how much I love photographing a newborn baby with their older sibling. It’s an amazing time to record the changing dynamic of a family. Working with this family was extra special as I also got to record the special relationship between the twins. I’m an only child who grew up with twin cousins and very close twin friends, so watching these two interact brought back strong memories from my childhood.

The parents were relaxed and easy to work with, the weather was good so I was able to follow the twins as they picked berries in the garden, the playroom was well lit and photogenic, and the newborn baby was chilled and happy. I also discovered that my son knows the twins from nursery and wants them to come for a sleepover! A really perfect job – I love it when it works out like this.

Photographs of My Favourite Things wearing clothing from Campbell Crafts Vintage photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo in In Retrospect magazine.

Fashion photography published in In Retrospect magazine

26th November 2015 Fashion

I’ve finally got my hands on a copy of the In Retrospect magazine issue that features some of the photographs I took of singing group My Favourite Things for Campbell Crafts earlier this year. It’s an interesting magazine with some really beautiful photography and I’m honoured to be included in it.

The shoot was great fun. Photographing sisters who are used to performing together was wonderful as they had genuine energy in their interaction. It also allowed us to show off different versions of the same outfit.

Now that the magazine has been published I’m also finally able to show some of my other favourite images from the shoot.

7 month old baby girl in studio. Photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

First year package session 2 – seven months old

24th November 2015 Child photography , , ,

Earlier this year I wrote about the wonderful privilege of doing a newborn photo session of my oldest friend’s daughter. Recently I photographed her again for the second shoot in our first year package. This session took place at my studio as the second shoot often does – with babies around six months old a plain white background is a great opportunity to show off their sitting skills and facial expressions.

This girl is such a great little character and a joy to photograph. My son was also happy to come up to the studio and assist me, help make her smile and have some photos taken with his “almost-sister”.

One year old girl in Sydenham Woods, photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

A one year photo session in Sydenham Woods

7th October 2015 Child photography

Sydenham Woods in autumn is possibly my favourite place to do location family photo shoots and for this one we were treated to the most amazing weather. In the open the sun was too strong for flattering photography, but in the woods it was dappled and beautiful.

It was lovely to work with one of my favourite families again. The mother has a strong interest in photography herself and always brings creative ideas to the session. Her love of black and white gives me a rare opportunity to flex my monotone muscles and the photos always end up looking great.

I really hope I’ll get to work with this family again and keep watching this amazing little girl grow up.

Bride, and Groom, at The Rosendale, Dulwich. Photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo.

A very special wedding at The Rosendale, Dulwich

29th September 2015 Wedding Photography , , , , ,

I don’t generally shoot weddings anymore; however when one of my oldest friends asked if I would photograph theirs I felt honoured and couldn’t say no.

It was wonderful to be part of such a special and emotional occasion. In photographing all of their guests I got to spend time with friends of mine who I rarely see due to distance, and with people from my childhood. I successfully balanced being the official photographer with relaxing and really enjoyed this sunny September day.

There is nothing more pleasurable than seeing people you care deeply about completely happy. I feel very privileged to be able to capture that with my camera.

End of a First Year Package

21st September 2015 Child photography , , , ,

My journey out to Hampshire last weekend was bittersweet. I was going to photograph little L for the final shoot of his First Year Package, and whilst I was happy to see him and his family again I was very sorry to think that I won’t be watching him grow up anymore.

We had another beautiful day for it and had the run of the light and airy house and beautiful garden for the session. I even brought home a bag full of apples fresh from the tree.

I’m going to miss this family.


Pictures from L’s previous shoots.

Young girl in Streatham Common Woods, photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

A summer’s day in the woods

27th August 2015 Child photography , , , ,

On a beautiful and hot summer’s day (before the recent downpours) I faced quite a challenge: a family portrait shoot for fellow photographer.

Suzanne Mitchell and I had participated in the New Creative Markets programme at Photofusion together and had discussed how, as we are always behind the camera,  there are never any good pictures of us with our children. So we decided to do an exchange and photograph each other’s families.

Being the subject of a photo shoot for the first time in years gave me a valuable perspective on how my clients feel and will hopefully help me empathise with them even more in the future.

Photographing Suzi’s family was nerve wracking but ultimately very successful. We had a wonderful day for it and her daughter was a fabulous subject, running around Streatham Common barefoot like a fearless little woodland nymph.