There have been a lot of parents in my local area looking for cranial osteopaths for their children recently. My friend Julia offers this service to families, so I asked her to write a guest post about what it is and how it can be beneficial. She writes:

“All osteopathy is about promoting the healthy function of the body. Cranial osteopathy in particular is extremely gentle, using careful light contact to prompt change and allow better health to express. It is based in promoting good anatomical function and references patterns of early development in helping tissues to function as they were designed to do. After all, babies were only made very recently! But it can be helpful at all stages of life from birth through pregnancy and into later life.

Osteopathy can be particularly helpful where there is pain after trauma or shock. Difficult births are a good example. Long labours with interventions are often quite an ordeal for both mother and baby, and it can take a while for each to recover. Mum may need help with feeling back to normal in her body and energy levels, while baby may be quite unsettled, gassy or grizzly in the early weeks – a difficult situation for everyone. With a little osteopathic help to address the causes of these problems many babies start to thrive more vigorously soon after.

For little babies and recent problems in children around 3-6 treatments is typically enough. Babies can be treated while feeding. For some children it is more appropriate to support at intervals over an extended period of months or years .”

If you want to find out more information visit her website:, facebook “Clapham Family Osteopath”, call for a chat about your child on 07779 017965, or email