I recently had the easiest newborn session I have ever had. The baby was about ten weeks old, so a bit older than my usual newborns. This makes a massive difference to how relaxed the baby and parents are. It also means that the baby is more alert, can smile, kick its legs with more purpose and hold its head up better. All of these allow more options for posing and positioning.

As the little boy was so relaxed and cheerful we covered all the shots I normally aim to get in a newborn session in the first few minutes so had plenty of time to try other things and different outfits.

The parents clothes really complimented the baby’s clothes and the bright, bold colours made a welcome difference to the whites, creams and pastels that babies are often photographed wearing.

Many parents may not feel ready to do have a photo session when their baby is one to two weeks old, the traditional newborn photography time. I know I wouldn’t have been – I was tired, sore and overwhelmed. Truly newborn photos of a very tiny baby are amazing and special, but waiting a little bit for your photo shoot also produces great results and may be more right for your family.