This weekend I am doing the final session from a First Year Package with a wonderful family. This reminded me that I hadn’t shared their seven month session yet, as it was just before I went on maternity leave.

Of all the work I do, I love First Year Packages the most. Photographing the same family three times means I really get to know them and they become more comfortable with me, so the pictures get better and better. Even if the baby can’t remember me from one session to the next they see how their parents respond to me, which helps them to relax. I also get to see the child grow up, which is truly magical.

It has been lovely to get to know this family, who are very warm, friendly and welcoming. The fact that I did their newborn session when I had just discovered I was pregnant and this session when I was quite heavily pregnant made it extra special for me. I’m really excited to see their daughter again this weekend as she grows into a toddler. She already had such a wonderful character last time I photographed her, this time her personality will shine even more brightly.

This family are great to work with because they have lots of ideas for fun photos and really get into the session. What I enjoy most about photographing them is how clearly the parents’ love for their daughter shows in the images.