Family lit by ambient light in front of window.

Newborn photo session

19th September 2017 Child photography , , , ,

I’ve just been working on an order from this newborn session that I did right at the end of my pregnancy. Photographing so many newborns while I was pregnant was a massive privilege that I feel very grateful for. It put me in the right frame of mind to welcome my own daughter into the world.

Looking back on these pictures today is a little bittersweet as it reminds me just how quickly babies grow up. It wasn’t that long ago but this little girl will never be that tiny newborn again, that moment is gone forever. The baby that was in my tummy when I took these pictures is now on the cusp of crawling and about to start eating food!

On a less emotional and more practical note, I love using over-exposed windows as a background. It’s almost plain white but if you look closely you can see London buses, which shows where the family live.

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