Hello, I’m back!

I’ve had a busy but wonderful summer with lots of holidays and family time. Now thoroughly back into work to find that I am a finalist for the Brand Amplifier awards – very exciting.

Since getting back from holiday I have been so busy shooting that I have got a bit behind with the blog, but I’m doing my best to catch up now.

The first session I want to share with you is a very special one for me. I am often called back to photograph a new sibling joining a family and it is always a very wonderful thing to be asked to do. However, this session meant even more to me because the older brother is the child I have photographed most extensively during his life (except for my own son).

I first photographed Leo at five days old and then regularly until this summer, when I was able to photograph him as a three year old with his little five-day-old sister! It was great to photograph Leo growing up and becoming a big brother, as well as giving little Ivy her first professional photo session. However, most amazing was recording the transformation of their parents, who are now well-practiced, relaxed, old hands at this rather than the slightly overwhelmed first-time parents with the rabbit-in-the-headlights look that I photographed when Leo was born. I have included a picture from Leo’s newborn session for the purpose of comparison.

As an only child who is a mother to an only child I am in awe of this transformation.