Last weekend I was lucky enough to go and photograph the Big Fish Little Fish event that was part of the Mini Vault festival in Waterloo, and to take my husband and child along. Many years ago, before motherhood, I used to spend a lot of my time photographing raves, clubnights and gigs. It felt great to be back in that environment with a camera in my hand again, and to share the experience with my son.

I hadn’t been in the Vaults space before and it was an amazing venue for it, with surprises in every room.

My son had a go at making music with a variety of Korg machines and tried out some archaeology arranged by the Museum of London. There was a crazy interactive light and video show and a chill-out room with a huge piece of paper on the floor to draw on (one of my son’s favourite things to do – we do this whenever my white background paper gets dirty in a photo shoot and it was the main activity at his birthday party).

However, the main attraction was the main room. A huge craft table to make space related headdresses, facepainting, dinosaur temporary tattoos and DJ Food playing. There were bubble cannons, the biggest balloons I’d ever seen and, my son’s highlight of the day, the parachute dance.

We left happy and tired at 2pm, blinking in the sunlight and fresh air. The way we used to leave clubs but much more sober and at the wrong time of day, which felt slightly bizarre. We hadn’t been to anything like this as a family before but certainly plan to again. Many thanks Big Fish Little Fish for a great Saturday morning.