This was a really enjoyable and successful session, largely due to good planning by the parents.  The mother said very early on that she wanted the photos to be black and white and it made a great change for me to be able to think about and compose them all with that in mind. The photoshoot had to take place in the evening when the little girl was usually asleep and they had a long drive across London in a Friday rush hour to get here, so I think we were all a bit nervous about what mood she would be in. However, she was an absolute star and really looked like she enjoyed her photo session.  It makes it easier to get great photos when you work with people that have thought about what they want from the shoot. They shared a pinterest board of example images with me (a big help in understanding what clients want) and brought lots of different outfits and toys. I also got to talk tattoos with the dad during the session, which always makes me happy!

Many thanks to them for such a lovely shoot.