If you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone you know who loves photography, or would like to understand more about how to use their camera – may I suggest my 1:1 photography lessons? I send a beautifully designed voucher for you to give to them on Christmas day and they contact me at their convenience to arrange a session.

As well as having been a freelance photographer for many years I am also a fully qualified teacher with twelve years experience of teaching photography. I love teaching 1:1 sessions as I can focus on exactly what the student wants to learn, so we can move at a much quicker pace. The location of the session depends on the type of photography the student is interested in: my studio, their house, the city or a natural environment.

Content of the session is completely customised following a conversation about previous experience and what the student would like to get out of it, but sessions often cover:

  • How to use their digital camera to its full potential,
  • The fundamentals of exposure covering ISO, aperture and shutter speed,
  • Composition,
  • Working with ambient light,
  • Studio lighting techniques,
  • Portraiture techniques and posing – especially how to take the best photos of your children,
  • Editing images,
  • Introduction to Lightroom and Photoshop

Here are some comments from my previous students:

“I found the session very useful as it was relaxed and I was able to get to grips with what we were learning and how to apply it to my camera. I continued to explore the skills that I learned after the session and have seen a positive improvement on my composition and use of depth of field in my photos since doing the course.”  Jenny

“Anna’s class was great. I loved that I could take my daughter with me as she’s the subject of my photos. I learned how ISO can affect the quality of photographs, refreshed my knowledge of aperture, and came away with a better understanding of how to photograph children well and use my camera better.” Bee

“Really useful to properly learn and practice how to use the various camera settings (I had read how to before but face to face teaching with practice finally made it sink in) and interesting learning about a few tricks of the trade. Highly recommended.” Fay

I also teach workshops for small groups in various venues. For information about any of my lessons please contact me.