Toddler girl in Bushy Park, Teddington in autumn photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

First autumn photo shoot: a toddler in Bushy Park

13th October 2016 Child photography

Last month I had the joyous occasion of my first autumn photo shoot. I love doing outdoor sessions in autumn, the colours are amazing and it is a wonderful time to be out in nature.

This one was extra-special for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the photo shoot took place in Bushy Park, Teddington. I used to live around the corner from this magnificent park when I was a student and haven’t really been back much since. It was lovely to be able to revisit somewhere that I have such fond memories of. The second reason is that it was the final shoot of a First Year Package for a close family friend. I’ve really enjoyed doing all these photo shoots and seeing this little girl grow into such a fabulous little character. In what I think is pretty much the perfect set up for a first year package we did the newborn shoot at her home, the six month shoot in my studio and this final shoot when she was comfortably walking and exploring in her local park.

As often happens, things didn’t do quite according to plan. The mother had a special autumn outfit with a little cardigan planned but it was such a hot September day that the little girl had to wear a sundress. She also woke up a little grumpy from her nap but her parents brought a good selection of her favourite toys to the park (teddy and pushchair, ball and most importantly bubbles) so she cheered up pretty quickly.

The funniest moment of the shoot was right at the end when she confidently strode up to a whole herd of deer, then on closer inspection realised they were actually pretty big, turned around and got away as fast as her little legs could carry her.

I really love watching kids explore nature like this and look forward to doing many more park sessions this autumn.

Young girl in party dress on swing in Belair Park, Dulwich. Photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

Photo session with a newborn baby and big sister in Belair Park, Dulwich

3rd October 2016 Child photography , , , ,

Last month I photographed a lovely family in Belair Park, Dulwich. It was a bit of a last minute booking because the grandparents were visiting the new addition from overseas, but as they were happy to do the photo shoot on a weekday I was able to fit them in with very little notice.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love photographing a newborn joining an existing family and having the opportunity to record the older child becoming a sibling, so I was very excited to do this shoot. I also rarely get to photograph newborns outside but it can be a great option, particularly if there is an older child to keep occupied too.

The family were great to work with and having the grandparents there really helped as they could keep the big sister occupied while I got some pictures of her newborn brother. However, my favourite picture of the whole session was her enjoying herself so much on the swing.

Studio portrait of young boy in blue shirt. Photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

A lively photo session

26th August 2016 Child photography , , , ,

Earlier in the summer I had a great time photographing this family. The best thing about photographing families with siblings is that all the attention is not on one child all the time. If one child takes a little longer to warm up or needs a break you can switch your attention to the other one.

Once they got used to the studio, camera and me both the children were incredibly smiley and very photogenic. The colour co-ordination of the families clothes really helped the photos as well.

Newborn baby girl and mother photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

A vintage newborn session

4th August 2016 Child photography , , ,

A couple of weeks ago I was honoured to photograph the new daughter of the owner of Campbell Crafts. Lindsay and I are ex-colleagues and I’ve done many photo shoots for her company, including this one of her fabulous maternity dresses. It’s always especially wonderful to do a newborn shoot with people you have known for years and see a whole new side to them.

Lindsay’s love of all things vintage continues throughout her beautifully designed house, which was a pleasure to photograph in and provided the perfect backdrop to capturing the new addition to their family.




Newborn baby girl photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

Newborn home photo session

28th July 2016 Child photography , , , ,

It’s been a very busy but fun summer so far, squeezing in lots of photo shoots between lots of holidays. I’m finally home again now so catching up on everything.

These are from a newborn photo shoot I did back in May. I can’t believe it was that long ago!

This was a very sleepy little girl, I was there for around an hour and a half and I didn’t see her open her eyes once. That made it a very relaxed and calm session. I think the mum had just had her best night of sleep since the birth, so it was good timing for a photo session.

The house was a pleasure to photograph in. Wonderful light and nice crisp white sheets, which always make me want to convert the images to black and white. If you are thinking of having a home newborn session I’m always happy to discuss how we can work with your home environment to get the best possible photos.

One year old boy smiling at window in his living room. Photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

A happy one year old

18th May 2016 Child photography , , , ,

This is one of my favourite little guys to photograph. Our first session together was just before Christmas and he was so smiley and happy, while rocking his fabulous Christmas jumper. Last week I was invited to his house just after he turned one to photograph him with all his new toys.

Not only is the little boy himself very easy to work with, but his parents are great at amusing him for the photos by blowing bubbles, passing him balloons and giving him a mighty tickling. This makes my job so much easier. While I’m happy to do all I can to help a child relax, obviously parents know best how to make their child happy so if they focus on that, I can concentrate on using my tools (camera and light) to record their joy.

Studio portrait of a Golden Labrador photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

Photographing a nervous dog

13th May 2016 Pet photography , ,

My most recent pet shoot was a complete contrast to the last one.

This was a lovely old dog who was very, very nervous of my photographic equipment. We planned to do a studio style shoot in her house but she didn’t like the look of my backdrop or lights. We took her into the garden to try and get her to relax but the poor thing was still shaking. The cat, however, was showing off and posing for photographs.

It was pictures of the dog we wanted though, so we took her for a walk and she started to get used to me. We took a few pictures in the park and then when we returned home she let me photograph her in the garden, and finally on the backdrop (although with daylight rather than lights).

This session lasted longer than usual because we spent so much time getting the dog relaxed, but this was no problem at all. I only ever book one session a day so a situation like this is never an issue. I would have been happy to carry on longer, but the dog’s owner had another appointment.

Anyway, we got there in the end and got some images that did justice to what a beautiful dog she is.

Casting call advert

Casting call – looking for mums and babies for a photo shoot

11th May 2016 Child photography, Fashion

Over the next month or so I’m going to be working with La La Beads to photograph their new range. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to combine my family and fashion/product photography. For one of the shoots we are looking for mums and babies. Message from La La Beads below:

Are you and your 5-15 month old baby free on Tuesday 24th May?

La La Beads is looking for real mums for a photo shoot in a South East London studio. As a thank you, you get to keep the necklace and the photos.

Don’t worry about a picture perfect appearance, we want mums that are upbeat, fun and feel comfortable being playful in front of a camera. Email a photo to


Young girl at The Rookery, Streatham Common. Photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

Another sunny family photo shoot at The Rookery, Streatham Common

28th April 2016 Child photography , , , ,

Almost two years to the day after our first shoot, I found myself back at The Rookery on Streatham Common with one of my favourite families for another gloriously sunny day.

This family is such a pleasure to photograph. The parents are easy going; the kids are confident, relaxed and love exploring. I just have to chase around after them taking pictures.

A photograph of the older girl eating an ice cream that I took last time has been on my postcard and website ever since. It’s a favourite of mine because of the way her amazing eyes draw you in. The best thing about last week’s shoot was seeing how her little sister had grown up. From a babe in arms last time to a walking, talking little person who makes her opinions known.

I really love re-photographing families that I have worked with before; it’s the most interesting and rewarding part of my job. Doing that on a sunny day in a local park makes just about the perfect day for me.

Studio photograph of young baby boy smiling. Photographed by Anna Hindocha/Warm Glow Photo

Easier photo sessions with an older newborn

18th April 2016 Child photography , , , ,

I recently had the easiest newborn session I have ever had. The baby was about ten weeks old, so a bit older than my usual newborns. This makes a massive difference to how relaxed the baby and parents are. It also means that the baby is more alert, can smile, kick its legs with more purpose and hold its head up better. All of these allow more options for posing and positioning.

As the little boy was so relaxed and cheerful we covered all the shots I normally aim to get in a newborn session in the first few minutes so had plenty of time to try other things and different outfits.

The parents clothes really complimented the baby’s clothes and the bright, bold colours made a welcome difference to the whites, creams and pastels that babies are often photographed wearing.

Many parents may not feel ready to do have a photo session when their baby is one to two weeks old, the traditional newborn photography time. I know I wouldn’t have been – I was tired, sore and overwhelmed. Truly newborn photos of a very tiny baby are amazing and special, but waiting a little bit for your photo shoot also produces great results and may be more right for your family.